The National School Boards Association (NSBA) is pleased that U.S. Congress and the Administration reached a bipartisan agreement, which contains a $1.3 billion increase for education, to fund the government. The education funding is a much needed investment in every student who attends a public school.

The funding includes a $450 million increase for ESSA Title I to support public schools with large numbers of low-income families, and a $410 million increase for the Individual with Disabilities Education Act State Grants program to assist students with disabilities. With a substantial number of students who attend public schools living in low-income families and with approximately 7 million students with disabilities, this bipartisan budget was a necessary step to help tens of millions of schoolchildren who need extra help.

This student-centered approach to education funding is a positive step and is welcomed by people in every school district, who recognize that investing in their neighborhood public schools is the best approach to educate schoolchildren and support the nation.

Great work is taking place in public schools through extraordinary teaching, leadership, mentoring, and innovative learning, but there is still much work to be accomplished to improve and modernize public education. As Congress begins to focus on the next budget cycle, NSBA is committed to building on this moment by aggressively fighting for public schools and championing issues that help children.

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