NSBA is proud to support the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Software & Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) Pledge 2020.

An update of the 2014 Student Privacy Pledge, Pledge 2020 commits to protecting student information and clearly communicating privacy policies with student families. Key changes reflected in Pledge 2020 include additional substantive requirements and an expansion of the type of data covered by the Pledge.

An original supporter of the Student Privacy Pledge, NSBA is proud to continue to back this vital commitment.

“This industry-led pledge to honor student data privacy is crucial as schools launch virtual platforms on a large scale,” said NSBA Executive Director and CEO Anna Maria Chávez. “Ed tech providers who opt to take the pledge are demonstrating their public commitment to responsible data practices in a manner that will support school boards’ ongoing efforts to safeguard student privacy and ensure data security.”

Read FPF and SIIA’s press release and Pledge 2020 in full.

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