In response to several executive orders President Biden signed on his first day in office, NSBA has produced three FAQ guides to assist state school boards associations in addressing member questions about how local policies may be affected by the change in federal approach. These two-page resources provide a succinct overview of the executive orders, answering what it requires from whom and how the stated policy differs from the previous administration’s approach.

The FAQs cover the following executive orders:

The timely FAQs are one of the many legal advocacy services NSBA provides its members. NSBA has explained in its amicus briefs to the Supreme Court in both 2019 and 2020 that local school districts depend on federal funding streams and population information determined in part by Census data. In 2017, NSBA updated its Transgender Students in Schools legal guide.

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Black Students in the Condition of Education 2020

The Center for Public Education selected relevant data from the Condition of Education to help school leaders not only monitor the educational progress of Black students, but also rethink what public schools can do better for Black students.