State of the Association 2020

Section One

Transformational Leadership in 2020 and Beyond

80th NSBA

A Commitment to Supporting, Informing, and Complementing
the Mission of Our Members Who Serve School Boards

  • 49 state school board associations and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • NSBA members serve more than 13,000 elected and appointed school boards
  • School boards serve more than 50 million public school children
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Charlie Wilson

Since I became NSBA’s president last spring, the pandemic has spurred all of us to transform the way we work, lead, and learn. NSBA’s essential transformation is grounded in our deep commitment to serving the federation of school board associations and the school board members and students they represent.
— 2020-21 NSBA President Charlie Wilson

Viola Garcia

It is with passion and dedication that I look forward to a new year for public education, the federation, and our country. As your 2021-22 president, I will be relentless in ensuring NSBA continues to significantly transform, reflecting the realities and unique needs of our vital federation of school board associations.
— 2021-22 NSBA President Viola Garcia

Now in our 80th year
we remain public schools’ most influential advocate,
advancing and shaping policy on behalf of the
entire NSBA federation.

Anna Maria Chávez

Section Two

Action in Times of Crises

Father and son doing homework

Advocated for Federal Pandemic Relief Funding

  • Worked to secure $67 billion for K-12 public schools in the relief packages Congress passed in 2020.
  • Advocated for funding to eliminate the Homework Gap, giving more children high-speed internet access for distance learning.
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Provided Timely, Relevant Information

asbj Are You Ready? nsba Setting A New Course nsba COVID-19 asbj Lifelines


COSA Webinar Federal Insider Podcast School Reopening & Recovery

Webinars & Podcasts

COVID-19 Resources NSBA Savings Center Buy Board

Online Resources

Initiated High-Impact Programs

DIRE logo

Established DIRE in June 2020 in response to the continued racial disparities in school systems.

Offers support and training on equity issues for state school board associations and school boards.

DIRE logo
Transformation Now

Launched the Public School Transformation Now! campaign to provide a more student-centered and personalized learning approach.

Section Three

Member-Focused Resources and Solutions

Group members photo

Spotlight on Member Service

Mask icon

4 million masks were made available to students via state associations
through the Masks for Kids campaign with Bella+Canvas and Serena Williams

Buy icon

20% increase in state association BuyBoard participation

Amicus briefs icon

9 amicus briefs were filed by NSBA and were joined by a total of 19 state associations

Equity icon

25 equity-focused trainings, presentations, and articles

School icon

7 Center for Safe Schools presentations, trainings, and content support

Legal scales icon

120 HOURS OF STAFF TIME preparing and presenting legal presentations for state associations

Leaders icon

20 NSBA executive leadership presentations
and presence on show floors at state association convenings

Print icon

14 ASBJ article reprint requests from state associations

Members icon

80% of the member associations participated in the new NSBA Leadership
Enrichment Series of monthly facilitated professional development opportunities

Data icon

Expanded our repository of national and state-specific
research data for state association executive directors and staff

Meeting icon

Provided essential insights into congressional and
administrative actions at 26 member conferences, meetings, and webinars

Trusted Source of Essential Information and Resources

aian nbc nhc cosa cube
The Key Work of School Boards Guidebook
Center for Public Education
NSBA Center for Safe Schools
ASBJ Women on Board
ASBJ Brief
NSBA Savings Center
natcon National Connection
nsba Becoming a Better Board Member

Hosted National Convenings for State Associations and Their Members

In February 2020, school leaders gathered in Washington, D.C.

NSBA Equity Symposium


NSBA Advocacy Institute


U.S. Capitol Building

Fall meetings shifted to a virtual format, allowing NSBA to continue to deliver timely content for attendees in the safety of their homes.

CUBE 2020 Annual Conference


NSBA Advocacy Institute


NSBA Advocacy Institute


Laptop video conference

Section Four

Amplified the National Voice Through Federal and Legal Advocacy

Legal Statue

National School Boards Action Center (NSBAC) Calls to Action

  • 9,286 messages to Congress from NSBAC Calls to Action
  • 816 Facebook shares
  • 372 Twitter shares
Man talking on cellphone Facebook share illustration
Women advocates Virtual conference
  • 3,511 advocates
  • 88% of state CSALS members participated in the Oct. 5–6 CSALS Virtual Fall Conference
Women advocates Virtual conference

Legal Advocacy Work Through NSBA’s Amicus Briefs

9 amicus briefs filed

3 U.S. Supreme Court

4 U.S. Courts of Appeals

1 U.S. District Court

1 State Supreme Court

29 organizations
joined the briefs, including
state school boards associations.

  • NSBA helped the South Carolina School Boards Association defeat its governor’s voucher program,
    and now 32 million in federal relief funds will go where it was intended—to public schools.
  • NSBA defended public school funding in the CARES Act from a U.S. Department of Education rule
    that would have redirected tens of millions of federal relief dollars away from public schools.
  • NSBA procured pro bono writing assistance for its amicus briefs valued at nearly $300,000.

Section Five

Expanded Our National Media Reach

NSBA Facebook

Expanded Media Engagement Supported a Stronger Advocacy Stance

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Red Ribbon
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U.S. Map

Extensive national media coverage for NSBA and the state associations reached 4.9 billion.

Associated Press
The Wall Street Journal
The New York Times
NBC News Now
Education Week
The Hill
Yahoo News
USA Today
Good Morning America
US News
Radio icon

in monthly average media mentions

Viewing icon

in monthly average media views

Section Six

Leading for the Future

Children Group
Male student Female student senior Children students

NSBA Launched the
Strategic Learning Initiative

The initiative will:

  • Help NSBA transform and innovate its programs, products, and services.
  • Develop the organizational capability to adapt to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

It includes the involvement of state association
leaders, NSBA board members, and staff.

Look Ahead to 2021

Mask icon

Work with President Joe Biden, the U.S. Secretary of Education, and
the administration on critical issues affecting school boards and public school children

Buy icon

Strengthen the federation through increased member support

Amicus briefs icon

Provide tools, resources, and research
to help school boards tackle important issues

Equity icon

Convene education leaders both online and in person