In today’s day and age, your teachers are much more than educators. They serve as mentors, counselors, cheerleaders, protectors and more, and they spend an average of $500 of their own money each year to purchase classroom supplies that benefit their students.

Starting July 21, customers can visit their local Walgreens stores to learn how to nominate a deserving educator in their community for a WE Teachers Award. A minimum of 500 recipients will each receive $500 Walgreens gift cards to purchase classroom supplies – an amount designed to cover an average year’s worth of teacher out-of-pocket expenses. Teachers can also apply directly. To learn more about the WE Teachers Awards, visit

The WE Teachers Awards are part of a broader program called WE Teachers in partnership with the ME to WE Foundation. Together with Walgreens back to school supplier partners, Walgreens has committed to donating $5 million to the ME to WE Foundation to fund the development of the WE Teachers program. More information about WE Teachers, including a resource to help teachers navigate student issues such as bullying, youth violence, mental health and wellbeing is available at walgreens/metowe.

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