CORE Construction and Procedeo are sister companies within the CORE Group, a national family of construction management and program management companies. CORE companies pride themselves on being a local company with national resources – regardless of the project. This unique combination of both local and national strengths is what allows us to create some of the highest quality buildings in the United States, while staying close to our communities. What drives these companies to be one of the best in the industry is the importance they place on our clients. CORE Construction is a national construction management company and general contractor, and Procedeo is a program management company. Both firms have become nationally-recognized and respected pioneers in the construction industry. 

A Company Built on Trust

CORE was founded in 1937 by Mr. Otto Baum in Morton, Illinois. Otto, a German immigrant, knew the value of being a man of his word and quickly built a solid reputation for his hard-working, humble, and honest approach to construction. Our rich history started with a crucial moment when he applied for a loan to start a masonry company. He had nothing to use as collateral except for his proven character and exemplary reputation. When the bank manager asked the loan officer why they should consider Otto's request, the officer simply replied, "I trust him." This simple statement of “I trust him” is what sparked our company to operate in a way that is constantly supported by honesty, integrity and trust. We incorporate these values every day on every project, big or small.

Today, CORE has grown to multiple divisions and locations across the U.S., supported by over 1,200 employees and a strong culture built on the same trust Otto started the company with. CORE is the parent company to CORE Construction, a national construction management company, and Procedeo, a program management company. Both companies share the simple goal “To build enduring structures with integrity.” This collective goal has catapulted CORE Construction and Procedeo to become well respected and nationally recognized leaders in the construction industry, particularly in the education market.

A Closer Look: CORE Construction

CORE Construction has over 26 offices spread across nine states. By utilizing comprehensive construction knowledge and industry expertise, CORE Construction is able to provide exceptional building services in several major markets, including: Commercial, Energy, Solar, Federal, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, K-12, Disaster Recovery, Light Industrial, Municipal, and Senior Living.

When it comes to a project, big or small, CORE prides themselves on being a local company with national resources. This unique combination of both local and national strengths is what allows them to create some of the highest quality buildings in the United States, while staying close to the communities in which they live, work and play. This mindset also feeds their desire to help their communities’ networks of small and disadvantaged business enterprises and subcontractors.

A major market that CORE focuses on and excels at is constructing educational facilities. With over 1,500 K-12 projects completed worth over $3.9 billion, CORE is the 4th largest K-12 contractor in the United States. They have over 170 K-12 clients and have served over 150 K-12 districts. CORE is a strong believer in the idea that community building should be built by the community, and therefore they take the building of educational facilities very seriously. As the 4th largest K-12 contractor and a nationally-recognized and respected construction manager, CORE recognizes the true importance of client services and how the relationship with the client is one that can not only determine the success of a company, but also the success of a community. Because of this, one of CORE’s primary principles is the heavy emphasis they place on client service. CORE wants more than to just build your project on time, within budget, and without incidents, they want to build your next project, too.

A Closer Look: Procedo

Derived from the Latin word for proceed, the name “Procedeo” represents the commitment of our team’s “Moving Forward” approach. Highly experienced with program management, construction management, and design, the Procedeo team is an integral partner that listens, is nimble in our approach, and able to support our clients with whatever needs they may have. Our team is comprised of a diverse range of knowledge and talent, which allows us to collaborate effectively and provide the client with the best services. At Procedeo, we respect and value that each client and project is unique. Your goal is our goal. Our high-performing team understand that it all starts with listening, a key component for creating and sustaining an integrated teach approach is through effective communication.

Our philosophy and general program oversight methodology centers around our commitment to making our clients’ goals our own goals. This is largely due to placing our clients’ aspirations first and ensuring our team is devoted to doing the same.

Program Management Experience: Procedeo’s team brings project and program experience from a wide variety of projects which required collaboration between the team and consultants with varying backgrounds, responsibilities and specialties. Procedeo has successfully navigated challenging projects by unifying the team to deliver projects that exceed their clients’ expectations. They have existing clients who have provided them with the opportunity to manage their programs consistently for the past 20 years.

Extensive Knowledge: The Procedeo team provides Program Management professionals with experience managing multi-year K-12, higher education and municipal bond programs in and around the communities in which they work and live in. Therefore, the Procedeo team offers a complete understanding of any given project delivery life cycle, from the initial feasibility study all the way through warranty. They provide a full complementary team comprised of professionals who have participated in similar programs.

Local Participation and Team Diversity: Procedeo’s commitment to diversity inclusion is evident in their strategy to continue a history of capacity building for small, HUB, M/WBE and Veteran-Owned businesses. Their program and construction management programs throughout the Southeastern United States have helped hundreds of minority, disadvantaged and small businesses grow their capacity and capabilities to undertake subcontracts on their projects, leading to stronger companies and stronger local economies.

Leadership: Procedeo’s leadership brings a wide range of expertise in bond program management, construction management, and the procurement of services within both state and federal guidelines, including interaction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The company is led by National President Ron Bordelon, a former Chief Facilities Officer for the Louisiana Department of Education’s Recovery School District, where he led the $2B School Facilities Master Plan. This Post-Hurricane Katrina rebuilding Program was the largest school disaster recovery program in the United States, during which Ron helped implement alternative delivery methods and fast-track projects to help the City and its neighborhoods recover.

Procedeo also thrives under the leadership of Senior Program Director Barry Brock, a 40+ year veteran of development, design, construction and program management experience helping a diverse mix of clients throughout the Southeast. Throughout the years, Barry has developed relationships with many construction companies, design companies, and subcontracting firms. His depth of influence allows him to guide all aspects of a project, work effectively within a team, and to understand the needs of clients.

Procedeo’s construction program is led by Vice President Gary Aanenson. A former Project Manager for some of CORE Construction’s most successful K-12 projects. Gary works with Barry and Procedeo’s largest client, the Fort Worth Independent School District, to manage the design and construction of 33 projects in its current $750 million Bond Program, scheduled for completion in 2022 – a full year ahead of schedule.

Affiliation: CORE Construction and Procedeo, focus on K-12 projects more than any other project type nationwide. They look forward to any opportunity to help their local communities, our educators, and the youth that will serve as the foundation of our communities in the future.

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