Community has many meanings––it can mean a school community, a neighborhood, a town or even a larger meaning like a world community. Whatever the meaning attached to it, we know it’s important. During uncertain times like we’re in, community adopts an even greater role in supporting the people living and working in it and so often comes together for hope, help and encouragement.

After one hundred years of bringing play to all types of communities, we’ve lived through a lot, mostly good but also times like the one we’re in right now. In 2020, we’re celebrating one hundred years in the play, playground and recreation industry. To mark our one-hundred-year milestone, we introduced the Play20 campaign––20 acts of kindness in 2020 to make communities all around the world happier, healthier and more playful places to live and work.

When we launched Play20, we were in San Juan, Puerto Rico with the United Way packing food for children and families that face food insecurity. We knew this was important work but had no idea how vital this overall effort would become. Now more than ever, our communities need our help.

As a way to show our support now and into the future, we decided on a new way to continue the Play20 campaign. As we return to our parks, playgrounds and recreation areas, we need great, vibrant community spaces to come back to. Sometimes, when you can’t be somewhere or use the spaces you take for granted, they take on an added importance.

To help communities add more play, we’re putting some of our favorite Burke playgrounds up to 40% off. Playspaces of all sizes and that fit into a variety of budgets are part of our Play20 Community Sale. This isn’t just a sale though, as part of the Play20 campaign, Burke is proud to support Feeding America and Boys & Girls Clubs as they work extra hard to keep kids and communities fed, safe and healthy during this uncertain time. Because without proper food and nutrition, kids and communities can't grow, learn, develop or play. Helping those who help our communities is Play That Moves Us in a whole new way. We’re stronger together and will get through this, return to the outdoors and appreciate play in a whole new way.

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