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Opening Bell: What school boards need to know about school safety

December’s issue on K-12 campus security is essential for school boards given their primary responsibility for school safety, writes Publisher Renée Joe.

Leadership Matters: We refuse to give up on what we know is right

One of the most powerful aspects of this fall’s Council of Urban Boards of Education Conference was the sense of camaraderie and shared purpose that permeated the event, says NSBA Executive Director and CEO Verjeana Jacobs-McCotter.

President’s Perspective: Multilayered approach to school safety

Ensuring a safe and secure school environment requires a comprehensive approach that involves planning, training, coordination, and communications, explains NSBA President Kristi Swett.



Saginaw United

A Michigan school district supports students through community trauma with services and relationships

AI and School Security


Districts are turning to artificial intelligence measures for school safety and security efforts


Strategic School Safety Leaders


Simplify complex school safety issues by identifying what is most important


Student-Driven Learning in Vermont


The Harwood Harkness Initiative places students at the center of the educational process




Book Review:  The Middle of Somewhere — Rural Education Partnerships and Innovation


Q&A with school safety activist Max Schachter




Chairman’s Column: We are the leaders of leaders


In his State of the Urban Education address, CUBE Chair Gill Garrett insists that education leaders must ensure that all children, regardless of zip code, language, or ability, have access to a quality education.




Communications: “Big Picture” Focus


Communications audits can reveal what’s going well and what needs improvement in district communications efforts


Research: Students in Rural Public Schools  By the Numbers


Rural students, families, and communities deserve a voice in policymaking decisions and an investment in infrastructure


Equity: Emergency Preparedness and Students with Disabilities


It’s important to understand and plan for the often-complex needs of students with disabilities during emergencies


School Law: Displays and Plays to Mark the Holidays


Recent Supreme Court rulings suggest the church-state wall of separation may be thinning




Going Rogue: When board members won’t leave their egos at the door