With NSBA, you can choose to reach a broad audience at our Annual Conference, or drill down to a more targeted group of school leaders that focuses on the specific issues that are most relevant to your business.

Public Education Leaders

We regularly engage with more than 90,000 school board members, along with superintendents, and other key leaders in more than 13,500 school districts representing the K-12 education market. 

Urban School Districts

The Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) supports urban school boards with a specific focus on underrepresented students. CUBE’s current membership includes more than 100 urban school districts with a collective budget of nearly $100 billion. Learn more


member urban school districts

7.5 million



schools across the nation

$100 billion

in taxpayer funds

School Attorneys

The Council of School Attorneys (COSA) is the national advocacy organization of attorneys representing school boards, working to improve the practice of school law and prevent lawsuits against public schools. Sponsor a COSA event and gain exposure for your company to 37 affiliate state councils and more than 3,000 attorneys nationwide. Learn more.

National Black Council of School Board Members

The National Black Council (NBC) promotes equitable educational access and opportunities for African American children through national dialogue on educational problems, issues, and concerns in conjunction with NSBA and other national organizations. The Council provides a forum for active participation in a national dialogue on public school diversity issues. Learn more.

National Hispanic Council of School Board Members

The National Hispanic Council (NHC) promotes and advances equal educational opportunities for Hispanic children by Council members becoming actively engaged in national dialogue on educational problems, issues and concerns in conjunction with the National School Boards Association and other national organizations committed to the continued growth and development of minority children. The NHC studies the development and academic achievement of the Hispanic youth within public schools. Learn more.

National Council of American Indian/Alaska Native School Board Members

The National Council of American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN) School Board Members works to support the educational achievement of American Indian/Alaska Native students. AIAN promotes quality education for all students with emphasis on the problems and successes of the American Indian/Alaska Native student. The caucus serves in an advisory capacity to the NSBA in matters affecting NSBA’s policy and program issues and serves to foster an organizational culture based on sound education, research-based, and curriculum, assessment and evaluation principles. Learn more.

Education Data and Research Experts

The Center for Public Education (CPE), an initiative of NSBA, is a national resource for accurate, timely, and credible information about public education and its importance to the well-being of our nation. CPE provides up-to-date research, data, and analysis on current education issues and explores ways to improve student achievement and engage public support for public schools. With an average of 80,000 unique web visits per month, centerforpubliceducation.org is your connection to school board members, policymakers, educators, community leaders, and parents. Learn more.