National Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated annually from Sept. 15 – Oct. 15, pays tribute to the rich and diverse contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the nation's history, culture, and society. The dates were chosen to encompass the independence anniversaries of several Latin American countries, including Mexico, Chile, and five Central American nations, highlighting the shared heritage and values among Hispanic communities.

As we celebrate the rich and diverse culture and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans past and present, we must also ensure that we provide today’s Hispanic and Latino students with the supports and resources they need.

At NSBA, our National Hispanic Council of School Board Members (NHC) promotes quality education for all students with emphasis on the challenges and successes of the Hispanic student. During NSBA's  2023 Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) Annual Conference, NHC Steering Committee Chair Mildred Lefebvre, who is also Vice Chair of the Holyoke Public Schools School Committee in Massachusetts, emphasized the importance of advocating for Hispanic students and supporting their success.


One school district leading the way for Hispanic students is Topeka Public Schools in Kansas. Recognized as an NSBA Magna Award Grand Prize winner, Topeka’s Dual Language Across All Grades program balances the needs of native English speakers and native Spanish speakers by providing diverse and inclusive instructional offerings to students. Social and academic learning occurs in an environment that values the language and culture of all students and sets high standards to ultimately achieve academic success in Spanish and English.

Learn more about the program in the video below.

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