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cover photo for ASBJ october issue. A girl looks up a pathway with different career trajectories


Career and technical education (CTE) is the focus of October’s issue. We look at how the perception and practice of CTE is evolving, illustrated by two stellar CTE programs: The Polaris Career Center in Ohio, and Greenville School District programs in South Carolina. Both programs, while different, serve their students and their communities while keeping their facilities and curriculum focused and up-to-date. This is our annual multimedia edition: Please engage with the videos, photos, audio, and infographics posted with our special CTE coverage.

From the Editor: It's Better to See

In her "from the editor" letter, Editor-in-Chief Kathleen Vail discusses this year’s multimedia edition and its focus on the evolution of career and technical education (CTE).


a cte student works
a student and teacher laugh together
student and teacher work together in cte class
two students look at computer screen
Tom Gentzel and Johhny Taylor smile at camera