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From the Editor: Focus on facilities
ASBJ Editor-in-Chief Kathleen Vail previews the 2021 August issue of American School Board Journal, which spotlights school infrastructure.

Leadership Matters: Invest in infrastructure
In his ASBJ column, NSBA Interim Executive Director and CEO Chip Slaven reflects on the importance of investing in our national school infrastructure for the 51 million students who attend public schools.

President's Perspective: Up to the challenge
NSBA’s 2021-22 President Dr. Viola M. Garcia reflects on the questions that the pandemic has posed to public education and encourages school board members to strengthen their resolve.



Infrastructure Best Practices
As K-12 infrastructure receives renewed attention, facilities experts offer advice on effectively leveraging community engagement and detailed planning to back major construction projects.

Construction Stories
ASBJ Contributing Editor Glenn Cook profiles school districts in Maryland, Texas, and Washington, looking at the biggest challenges they faced in creating buy-in to replace or rebuild aging school buildings.

Environment and Achievement
ASBJ explores how education leaders can improve classroom acoustics, air quality, lighting, and temperature to prioritize academic outcomes. 

Books at Home
While the pandemic shuttered physical access to schools and libraries, districts across the country found clever ways to keep their students reading.

Infection Prevention
The pandemic instilled many important hygiene practices into everyone’s daily routines. As society continues to reopen, it’s important to retain some of these practices to keep students healthy.


Asian American History is American History
Students and school board members in Maryland’s Howard County Public School System are highlighting the integral role Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have played in American history.


Communications: Justice Leaders
Washtenaw Intermediate School District Interim Superintendent Naomi Norman discusses how the Michigan district prioritizes equity, including its work with educators and nonprofit and church leaders, to provide training on bias, diversity, race, and the long-term effect of poverty on generations of students.

Research: Safe and Healthy Buildings
NSBA Senior Research Analyst Jinghong Cai examines the national data behind school infrastructure, revealing the impact of overcrowded classrooms and inadequate workspaces on student achievement.

School Law: Vaccinations in the Workplace
While the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has clarified some questions regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, employers—including school districts—should take steps to avoid unnecessary litigation.

Equity: Mental Health of Educators
A school psychology professor shares how districts can support the well-being of their educators and what individual teachers can do to prioritize their mental health.


Q&A: Carol Jago, literacy expert
ASBJ’s Michelle Healy interviews Carol Jago, associate director of the California Reading and Literature Project at UCLA, about her newest book.


As Senate advances trillion-dollar infrastructure package for final vote, NSBA urges funds dedicated to support school facilities. Issues highlighted in August ASBJ.
Following the U.S. Senate 67-32 vote to advance a $1 trillion infrastructure package, NSBA urged congressional leaders to invest at least $130 billion in school facilities. The August issue of NSBA’s American School Board Journal examines some of the challenges facing school districts with facilities in dire need of renovation, modernization, and replacement.

Excelling in Extraordinary Circumstances
As we look ahead to the next school year and beyond, ensuring ALL students have access to high-quality learning opportunities, and the resources needed to thrive, are top of mind. These stories spotlight powerful partnerships, pivoting to virtual work-based learning and internships, harnessing technology and innovation, and more.