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Exclusive Benefits for COSA Members

By joining COSA, school board lawyers have access to a multitude of exclusive services, publications, and discounts. Benefits range from newsletters that keep you up-to-date with current events, discounts on professional development programs, and a network of experienced attorneys you can rely on for ideas. COSA membership directly connects you to an online community, where you can reference or actively take part in conversations on the discussion board, as well as search for insights via a vast library of school law resources.


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COSA Membership Includes

Legal Clips
Stay in the know by reading NSBA’s school law blog and weekly newsletter containing a variety of articles on the latest school law happenings and trends.

COSA Online Community
Join the exclusive community on COSA’s online discussion forum where members exchange advice, strategies, thoughts, and documents. All discussions and written resources are searchable.

Inquiry & Analysis
Get exclusive access to our electronic journal, which is published 10 times a year with articles written by COSA attorneys.

Federal Regulations and Resource
Receive regular updates via email on proposed and final rulemaking, guidance, Dear Colleague Letters, and announcements from federal agencies that affect your school board clients.

School Law Primer Series
Reference twelve volumes on basic topics crucial to your school law practice. Use the written chapters and slide decks for attorney or educator training.

Seminar Papers
Download and read written papers submitted by presenters at COSA’s School Law and School Law Practice Seminars that contain substantive analysis of current issues in school law.

School Law Seminars
Attend premier events and hear experts speak on hot topics and mainstays of school law. CLE available in many states. Eleven-plus hours of school law CLE are offered to COSA members at a significant discount. Join your colleagues for one-of-a-kind networking and professional development events.

Live and Recorded Webinars
Receive special pricing on COSA webinars that feature topics of critical interest to public school districts and their legal counsel. 


What School Lawyers Say About COSA

“COSA makes practicing law more collegial by connecting colleagues who share legal and pragmatic solutions for our public schools.”  Katie Anderson, Clark Hill Strasburger

“COSA gives me access to up-to-date school law resources and a nationwide network of thought leaders where I can brainstorm ideas, learn best practices, and fellowship with other education lawyers.” – Santana T. Flanigan, General Counsel, Rockdale County Public Schools

“COSA benefits that have been especially helpful in supporting my clients have been both through the listserv and being able to reach out to attorneys from across the nation and have information on statistics or data or common threads and themes in the law.” – Andrew Manna, Partner, Church, Church, Hittle, and Antrim

“Anyone that represents school districts has to be a member of COSA. The access to information is important, but the contacts that provide you the information that you need to represent your clients is really critical. And in serving our clients better, we serve public education and thus the students throughout the country that need that public education.” – Phil Hartley, Attorney Partner, Harben, Hartley, and Hawkins

“COSA has helped me a lot both personally and professionally because I meet so many great attorneys where in other forums, I may feel like I’m one of a very few, one of a very small group. COSA has really brought together that sense of community and also the idea that there are other people that I can reach out to and rely on to help me through some of the questions that I have.”  – Erin Gilsbach, Attorney, Steckel and Stopp