large version of the cover of the feb. 2023 asbj magazine


Opening Bell: Facets of school board leadership

Publisher Renée Joe introduces this issue of ASBJ and its focus on school board leadership and governance.

Leadership Matters: The purest form of representative democracy

While governance based upon democracy may be messy, it can be made less so with good processes and policies, writes NSBA Executive Director and CEO John Heim.

President’s Perspective: Help parents understand school boards

Parents who understand the governance processes of the school board and who feel heard can become powerful allies, writes NSBA’s 2022-2023 President Frank Henderson Jr.


Achievement, Culture, and What Comes Next What Comes Next

When school boards and superintendents focus on these three areas, it’s likely they and their students are doing well.

The Art of the Right Question

Asking for better evidence can improve how school leaders govern.


The Three-Legged Stool of Board Leadership

School boards must balance responsibility, authority, and accountability to be successful in their governance roles.


Standards for Family Engagement

Strengthen your board’s relationships with the PTA’s updated National Standards for Family-School Partnerships.


Learning by Doing

Maker movement brings collaboration spaces to schools.


Book Review: American Education

The 20th edition of this valuable book provides an updated examination of the historical, political, and social issues impacting education in America today.

Q&A: Mass. State Senator and former school board member Jake Oliveira

Oliveira emphasizes relationship-building to advance public education priorities.


Doing Better by Our Children

Joyce Wilkerson, a Philadelphia school board member and tireless advocate for education, receives the CUBE Lifetime Achievement Award.

Governance: A mechanism for education as reparations

Board members must ensure that their collective governance role is harnessed effectively to foster positive outcomes for all students, writes outgoing CUBE Steering Committee Chair Micah Ali.




Fake social media accounts and misinformation plague school districts.

RESEARCH: Equal Access to Reading Materials

New assistive technologies can help students with reading challenges.

EQUITY: Graduation Equity

School leaders can reengage disconnected youth for a better future.


Risk Management as a Governance Function:  A COVID case study